Our story is bigger than buildings. 

In the world of architecture and design, we think about more than just buildings. We think about buildings and everything they touch—from the air we breathe and the ground beneath our feet to the way we think and feel. It’s the built environment, and it’s changing all the time. It might even be changing you.

We’re here to turn design inside out.

“We” are Monica—an interior designer—and Erika—a public health expert. We‘re sort of “outsider insiders” in the big bad world of architecture. We love asking the questions that need to be asked about the impacts of our built environment and making it work better for everybody.


Our story starts with health.

Our environment is more than just buildings, but humans are now an indoor species. We should probably make sure that “inside” is a safe and healthy place to hang out, right? Actually, there’s a lot to unpack in that story. That’s why our first season homes in on just how fundamental our buildings are to our health, our well-being, and our children’s growth.

14000 +
Hours spent in school from Kindergarten through 12th grade
3000 +
Known varieties of PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) chemical stain repellants
1 %
Proportion of Americans who have trace chemicals present in their bodies
years a human being will spend indoors by age 80