Welcome to Summer Jam

Don’t put away the beach bag just yet. The Perkins&Will podcast is back with a new co-host—hello, Eunice Wong!—and a special series focused on the people and places that bring us joy. Over three episodes, Eunice and Erika break down their recent conversation with Chicano brewery owner David Favela and how he designs for equity in Barrio Logan, San Diego.

Cheers to Chicano Culture

Episode 01

Cheers to Chicano Culture

Erika and Eunice invite you into their soulful conversation with San Diegan brewery owner and economic-development expert David Favela. They explore how cultural representation can unlock the power of design at any scale, from our neighborhoods to the beers we drink. They identify key ingredients for authentic design excellence and remind you that “you are cool.”

The G Word Gentrification

Episode 02

The G Word: Gentrification

Continuing the conversation with David Favela, Eunice and Erika confront the hard truths about zoning policies, revitalization, and community engagement. Then David offers his strategy for gente-fication, a more human approach to community development that requires both perspiration and perseverance.

Success: More Soul, Fewer Shortcuts

Episode 03

Success = More Soul, Fewer Shortcuts

Eunice and Erika say good-bye to summer by nerding out over how we quantify the success of thriving communities and businesses. For David Favela and Border X Brewing, the answer lies in the spatial and soulful statistics. Eunice and Erika bring in the research and data on food insecurity, crime, and the power of “third spaces.”

Summer Jam Extra

In the Beer Garden with David Favela

Hear the full interview with David Favela, CEO and owner of Border X Brewing in San Diego. Dive into his story, from a career in the technology industry to the opening of his brewery, and his thoughtful considerations around culture and diversity. Plus, meet Yanel de Angel, Managing Director of Perkins&Will’s Boston studio.