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Eunice Wong RPP, MCIP

Urban Designer and Planner, Toronto

Eunice is an award-winning urban designer in the Ontario studio of Perkins&Will. They are passionate about intersections—of human identities and between planning and people—and literally the design of intersections. They believe good design should be empowering and represent a “people first” philosophy. With backgrounds in urban design and graphic design, Eunice brings a deep understanding of authentic, accessible, and inspiring storytelling to the design of urban spaces. In all their work, from strategic policy planning to built form testing and design guidelines, they seek opportunities for placemaking, placekeeping, and advancing equity in communities. 

Erika Eitland ScD, MPH

Director, Human Experience (Hx) Lab, Boston

Erika is a public health scientist and director of Perkins&Will’s Human Experience (Hx) Lab. She leads the firm’s research on the population-scale health impacts of our K–12 schools, affordable housing, and urban frameworks. She earned her doctorate in Environmental Health from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where she was the lead author of “Schools for Health: Foundations for Student Success,” a report that examined more than 250 scientific articles on the association between building quality and student health and performance. She also holds a Master of Public Health in Climate and Health from Columbia University.

Lauren Neefe PhD

Executive Producer, Atlanta

Lauren is a researcher, writer, editor, and audio producer for thought leadership and editorial projects throughout Perkins&Will. From planning documents and history exhibits to essays about museums and memorials, her superpower is weaving terms of art into a compelling style and story. She has a Ph.D. in English literature, specializing in Romanticism and media history, and an M.A. in poetry from the Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins. She is an award-winning teacher, a veteran magazine and book editor, an art lover, an audiophile, and far more interested in descriptive than prescriptive grammar.


Dr. Erika Eitland

Eunice Wong

Dr. Lauren Neefe
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Monica Kumar 
Interior Designer, Series 01 Co-Host

As an interior designer and materials specialist, Monica takes pride in crafting workplaces that support physical and emotional well-being. With a uniquely multidisciplinary background in consumer policy and biology, she adheres to a design process grounded in evidence, research, transparency, and integrity. She brings an expertise in sourcing and designing with healthier building products to every project and, through knowledge sharing, empowers project teams to optimize decision making around building products.

Anna Wissler
Creative Strategist, Series 01 Art Director

Anna is a writer and graphic designer. Her strength lies in the intertwining of photography, narrative, and graphics to tell impactful stories about design, and then optimizing those stories for web, social media, digital media, and awards programs. Her creative insights have helped teams get their work and ideas recognized in industry-leading outlets such as Fast Company and Architectural Record. Anna collaborated on strategic firmwide initiatives, including the firm’s COVID Insights and web-based toolkit Healthy Schools by Design.

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